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The very first question is ‘What is empowerment?’ The answer ‘Power given to someone to do something’. The next question is ‘What does this power mean?’ Having sustainable ability/capability/capacity to do great things is called power. It's all within the individuals, there is nothing to search outside.Finding out what power you have within you and using them in a unerring way is known as empowerment. Are all the women out there using this empowerment properly? As we all know, No they aren’t.

The rights and opportunities for both male and female are equal is the meaning for Feminism. Feminism is not always about equality, it is also not always about choice and freedom. Those days women used to stay at home not going to work, not doing anything which they like, just to safeguard themself from the black hat. But as the days flew women shine out of their shells and started following feminism. Many mistook this freedom which actually causes undesirable matters. Feminism should be about empowering women, while being sane and rational and practical.Educate them, Motivate them to take jobs, Allow them to pursue their career. But at the same time teach them that we live in a society and we are supposed to follow some unwritten rules. And those rules are for everyone.

I agree many women are put under innumerable situations where they are forced to fall under unseemly actions of men as well as society. But as an empowered women try to make you aware of all situations in which you need to be safe and brave. Being brave and strong doesn't mean that you need to take feminism in the wrong way. For example, if you want to be equal to boys/men you don't need to do things which they do. Be strong and prove that you are more likely equal to them. Demonstrate the talents and boldness to the world which shows the actual EMPOWERMENT.

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