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Skill development may be a peak term lately and each organization is concentrated to rent skilled employees or train them to urge good skills before hands-on jobs. Skill and specialization are what a market is demanding lately. So basically, what is skill development? What is the importance of skill development in India or any organization and the way it's fueling for the higher growth of future in India? Nowadays with the event of globalization, the cooperative sector, and professional offices, the environment is growing at a quick pace. In this race of fast speed, most are thriving and willing to counted among the simplest. What makes you a good professional and best among the crowd? They are the skills, which help an individual to be proficient within one’s profession and on the other hand, determines how far a business gets if it is sleeved up with a greater number of skilled employees. CLR Skill training foundation is working under the provision of NEEM Scheme of the government to serve skill development, technical skills training and employment, earn and learn, non-technical skills and soft skills to the youth.

WHAT IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT? Skill development may be defined as an expression to: Today, any organization prefers skilled employees over other as they need good career growth and that they benefit the organization within the same way with proficient working. Skill Development is an important aspect. In the cooperate world, skill comes into the role to extend the productiveness and quality of labor for greater results. Knowledge and skill are both associated with one another and are drive behind the financial growth and community development of India.

  • Improve your proficiency
  • Ability to perform a work
  • Improve your skill sets
  • Able to complete a task with higher rates of success at the right time

WHY IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANT FOR INDIA? There are millions of engineers graduating every year in India and when it comes to employability, only 20% of them are employable. India is more focused to coach and skill within the workforce. According to a survey, only 25% of the Indian workforce has undergone a skill development program and India requires a greater number of skilled workforces. Despite increasing literacy these days, most of the people are struggling for jobs. According to the WTO, World Trade Organization, the GDP level can increase up to 3%-5% in 2035, if India focuses on skill development and training.

WHY IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT IMPORTANT? Skills are no longer a matter of choice. It has become mandatory to be skilled for a better future prospectus in the professional world. The main objective and mission of skill development are to: • Set up a workforce that is proficient with the necessary skills and knowledge. • Skilled employees yield higher productivity and have the power to figure effectively and efficiently. • This influences the expansion and development of the corporate and contributes to the GDP of India. CLR Skill Training foundation is fully equipped to handle your skill development needs under the provisions of the NEEM scheme of the Government. Ever imagined a scenario where an unskilled carpenter takes a week to design and construct a table while a skilled carpenter takes only a few hours. This is the difference between skilled and unskilled labor. It’s a waste of time and efforts to perform a task with unskilled hands. This demolishes the progressive growth of individuals in any organization.

SKILL IS A POWERFUL TOOL: Skill development may be a powerful tool to empower the people and improves their social acceptance. It is complemented by a good economic growth and enhances employability. India is towards the verge of being a developed country with needs a greater number of skilled and knowledgeable people. India is among the youngest nations within the world with quite 65% f the working-age people and quite 54% of the people with a young workforce (below the age of 28). There is an excellent need for India to coach and skill the young youth for the higher development of the society.

HOW IS SKILL DEVELOPMENT SHAPING THE LONGER TERM OF INDIA? According to a report, there are 1.08 crore people in India between the age of 18 to 35, while only 60% come under the working age. And only 20% of them are employed with good jobs. Since India is developing at a faster rate with more opportunities for entrepreneurship and ongoing developments, skilled labor is an important part towards any contribution of development. CLR Skill training foundation is working under the provision of NEEM Scheme of the government to provide OJT opportunity to working individuals between the age of 18-35.

Improved scenarios of employability: Since the government and universities have focused on skill development, it was found that many students were placed easily during the placement drives. Any organization requires for an effective, productive and proficient employee. With the skill development, the people were able to work productively and achieved the greater number of targets in lesser time, with a better self-growth and the corporate. Government is providing good opportunities to the youth as per their choice and requirement. This aims to increase the employability rate to at least 70% people. Skill awareness programs are helping the people to know the prospectus of skill training initiative and help to realize more targets.

Personal Development: Skill development enhances the proficiency of an individual in any particular area. Skill enhances to build the professional network, better communication, time management and negotiation skills. CLR Skill training foundation is helping to hike the production efficiency from 83% to 92% with the help of NEEM Scheme.

Nurturing Talent: Skills are something that can be acquired by learning. Skill training is helping the people to identify, train and nurture their innate talent in the desired field. CLR Skill training foundation is empowering women and youth to be a major contributor towards skilled workforce.

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